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Name: Angel

Age: 19

Birthday: April 3, 2001

Pronouns: He/They/It

Angel's passion is writing. This absolute twink adores everything to do with it. Roleplaying, worldbuilding... They work on a little bit of coding just to understand Lusus' pain with it, but they mainly man the entirety of the writing for all of Studio Deliverance's video games. They currently have an obsession with bugs and are a hopeless romantic.

Name: Em

Age: 18

Birthday: August 20, 2001

Pronouns: They/Them

Em doesn't really... have any passions, yet. They kind of just go with the flow and try to do things that make them happy. They have great artistic skill and contribute it to the games, making majority of the artwork and design concepts for Studio Deliverance. This includes the art you'll see on this site. Em loves doggos and is a major history nerd.

Name: Lusus

Age: 19

Birthday: July 24, 2001

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them/It

Lusus' passion has always been gaming. He's wanted to work in game development for a long time, so this entire thing is right up his alley. He's the biggest gamer in this trio. Not only is he responsible for all of the complex coding going into things, but he's who Angel tends to go to for advice on anything game-related.